Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some Links for Green Intellectuals

While many people may read the NY Times piece today on whether MBA curriculum is still "relevant", I would have you look at these two articles. Solar and the Cities and Chile and Water Markets.

Severin Borenstein has a nice quote in the solar piece. The reporter has clearly set him up to play the "bad cop" and disagrees with him in the next paragraph. But, Severin is saying something deep that needs to be discussed. Wishful thinking doesn't always help to form "good" public policy.

In the Chile case, The Times appears to be trying tell a cautionary tale of allocating resources to those who value it the most. Owens Valley here in California still gets people pretty worked up. Read my review of Gary Libecap's book on this topic.

While economists love "efficiency" (i.e that a meat hater shouldn't end up with a meat pizza at a party), you people seem to be not be too interested. Why? We are all poorer from this "deadweight loss".