Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sell Westwood, Los Angeles Real Estate and Buy Detroit Real Estate?

The average home near UCLA sells for $1.3 million dollars. This blog claims that the average home in Detroit is priced at $13,000. So, one can trade 1 Westwood house for 100 Detroit homes. Is this a good deal? Could climate change make this a good deal by the year 2100?


Benja said...

Sorry for my english, I am from Argentina
It seems (as the question says) that price is given by the distance from the main urban core, I mean an industrial aerea against an university. Both urban areas will grow, so houses will conserve the demand. About the climate change (actually, is that real?) could influence over both activities. I guess thinking that 1000 units of residence could give me in the future more opportunities to adecuate them for next climate challenges and diversify financial risk

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Jack said...

its because the place popularity, more popular each location than the price of everything in there will be more expensive

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bibershally said...

Buyer not think of money as he things the place important with peaceful surroundings around home.
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Jonas Smith said...

Nice. Thanks for the blog and the details provided thereby