Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Green Concrete

Conventional concrete production is quite energy intensive. Technological progress is taking place. Here is some good news about the diffusion of a new approach to concrete. Are there barriers to the adoption of this approach? This raises the fundamental question for free market environmentalists; can improvements in technique (emissions per unit of economic activity) decline faster than the scale of activity increases (population and per-capita income growth)?


Wes said...

There are even greener approaches to cement manufacture being piloted right here in California. Moss Landing is a great site for this pilot plant, capable of turning out 10 tons of cement per day. The next step would be to pass the water from the cement plant to a desal plant... and one has been projected for Moss Landing as well. I hope that they taken advantage of this industrial scale permaculture possibility.

Mark Celebuski said...

The greenest concrete on the planet.


No greenwashing needed.

Mark C

Jack said...

Hopr it will bring the change for the earth

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