Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ed Prescott Comments on Climate Change Mitigation Efforts

I just stumbled upon this powerpoint slide by the Nobel Laureate Ed Prescott. He writes clearly. I wonder whether he debates any environmental economists at ASU about point #3? This slide refers to three challenges he foresees (in 2006) for the U.S if it wants to keep its economy growing. In hindsight, this list omits some factors that bug Dr. Stiglitz and Dr. Krugman.

Dr. Prescott writes:

"Three Dangers

1. The U.S. Congress will increase tax rates and depress the American economy
This is happening in Germany, Hungary, and Italy

2. Anti free-trade, anti-globalization sentiment will become dominant

3. Crazy things will be done in a futile effort to reduce greenhouse gases"


Although at its first edition The European Colloquia in Prague on the 30th of November 2006 has been a magnific success.
The presence of three Nobel laureates in Economics, such as James Heckman, Joseph Stiglitz and Edward Prescott, together with outstanding international economists, introduced by the Presidence of the Czech Republic made the first I.S.E.O commitment taking place abroad an incredible opportunity to spread the economic culture.
Moreover the participation of the Czech President, who decided to attend the conference not just for the opening ceremony but presenting his own speech, gave to the congress an incredible importance.
An unexpected success witnessed by an incredible large audience (more than 400 people) arrived in Prague to attend the congress: entrepreneurs, members of the academic, politic and social world coming from Eastern European Countries accepted with enthusiasm the invitation received by I.S.E.O together with representatives from the world of finance invited by Pioneer.

The European Colloquia definitely represented a enormous pride for the I.S.E.O Institute, as a proof of the hard job done since its foundation.