Monday, March 16, 2009

An Appropriate Swimming Pool for a L.A Economist who doesn't Like to Swim

Yes, this city is living through a drought but if we could find a way to earn just a few more dollars, here is a house that would be worth the price. Check out the swimming pool. While over 15% of LA homes have swimming pools, note that this swimming pool starts outside and then runs "inside" of this home as part of it is under a ceiling such that it looks like you can dive into it from the Living Room. That is pretty cool.

I have a draft set of notes for an environmental economics book. At a royalty rate of $7 a book and with 1 million new environmental economics students each year, this could be an easy purchase. Can you find the fallacy in this arithmetic?

On a more serious note, today my environmental economics class ended. 171 students were enrolled. My fellow environmental economics teachers, how many of you teach that many students in an elective class? The class enrollment has doubled every time I have taught it at UCLA. Tufts wouldn't let me teach undergraduates. The opportunity to be back in the undergraduate classroom has lifted me to try harder and to even care. I really like teaching undergraduates. They are cynical and immature and they make me feel young.

My goal is to have 1000 students in this class in two years. Knowing my luck, UCLA will continue to give me only 1 TA but my man Ryan Vaughn is worth any other 15 TAs so he can take care of the horde.

At a time when people question the wisdom of economists (not named Krugman), I am helping to restore confidence in our economy and our subject matter. To paraphrase Karl Marx, "Economists of the world, Unite!"