Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Green Consumption in Los Angeles

I was interviewed today for half an hour by a talented interviewer named Devin Browne. She is preparing a 4 minute radio piece on the ecovenience movement. I'm hoping that she will find some of my witty quotes about the demand for green products useful. For example, I offered some deep thoughts on how to get Dick Cheney to try out green products. I also offered the "Locali" store (see Green Los Angeles Store) some free advice on how to grow their business into the next Starbucks.

If you are wondering why I should have any credibility on such green marketing issues, then you should read My 2007 JEEM paper and my stunning paper with ryan vaugh on the geography of hybrid vehicles and LEED buildings. To get a free copy click here .

The Economist Magazine liked that paper!