Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Declining Quality of U.S Public Transit?

Public transit is cheap and slow. Private vehicles are fast and expensive. Your value of time and whether you are trying to get downtown (the central focus of public transit) play key roles in determining which mode you choose. If you work in the suburbs, you are unlikely to commute using public transit. Today there is an interesting story in the NY Times on public transit quality. Due to budget cuts, public transit agencies are cutting back the quantity and quality of service at the same time that demand is rising. What will happen next? Do the bus takers have enough clout to move state, federal and local policy to devout more $ for their sake?

I've been interested in light rail/bus fiscal issues. If a city spends billions on a new light rail system, that money probably comes from the bus budget.

In the year 2050, how will urbanites get to work and get around town?