Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Predictions for 2009

Economists are well know for their ability to Predict the future.

Prediction #1: The Dow Jones Index on January 1st 2010 will be 9,000

Prediction #2: The February 2009 Super Bowl winner will be the Colts over the Giants as one Manning will hug another Manning and the parents will cry and be interviewed.

Prediction #3: Obama will enact a gasoline tax floor such that the price of gasoline will never fall below $4 a gallon.

Prediction #4: Bill Clinton will defect and will run for the Presidency of Georgia.

Prediction #5: Alex Kahn will win the 2010 Clark Medal in Economics for his fundamental work on the economics of Lego.

Prediction #6: Obama will raise taxes on all households who earn more than $200,000.

Prediction #7: China's purchases of U.S T-Bills will fall sharply as it redirects its investments into Chinese infrastructure on roads, power plants and other home productive projects.

Prediction #8: The U.S inflation rate will rise to 10% per year.

Prediction #9: The world price of gasoline will rise to $3 a gallon

Prediction #10: UCLA will continue its resurgence as its faculty becomes younger and its research flow more vibrant than other universities including Columbia, Duke, Washington University and other northern California universities.


Rajesh said...

Great predictions.
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