Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Diary of a Morning NPR Interview

I woke up at 520am this morning and jumped into a 6am cab. I knew the street address in West Hollywood where the recording studio is and I assumed that it would be a commercial building. To my surprise, the cab pulled up in front of a nice house on a residential block. A Mercedes was parked in the driveway. I panicked for half a second wondering in the dark of morning, "where am I"? I called a number on the sheet of paper that NPR's producer had sent me and a woman told me that I was at the right place but that I should go to Starbucks and return in 20 minutes.

This sounded reasonable to me so I asked her where it is. She said on Melrose. I asked "where is Melrose?" She said, one block north of where you are standing. So, with those instructions I found the starbucks and saw a photo of Christina Romer on the front page of the LA Times.

I then returned to the now open recording studio where my sound engineer (Omar) told me a little bit about the garage I was sitting in. This recording studio was a garage but no longer is. It is now filled with insulated glass and expensive recording equipment. I asked Omar whether anyone important ever shows up. He said that celebrities come in to do "voice overs". He dropped some names such as Chris Rock and I was impressed and aware that I was lowering the average.

Finally 7am arrived and I was locked in a sound proof booth. The Boston NPR Producers explained to me what would happen.

Tom Ashcroft was the interviewer and I was his 3rd guest. You can listen here: The audio tape of my NPR Debut

The other guests were quite smart and I think the 3 of us together did a good job.

I don't know whey they have call in questions. Some of the questions were reasonable but they are wildcars that scatter the previous discussion.

My friend Mike Cragg was kind enough to email me that he was listening live but that was the only response I have received. So, based on this data --- I predict that 8 people were listening. I still thought it was a very interesting morning.