Friday, July 11, 2008

Charlie Rangel and the Full Pay of Politicians

What are the full set of perks that big politicians get for being the boss? What would be the market price of these perks? Be honest, isn't this a small price to pay to get excellent people to work for our government? Would government attract a lower quality set of leaders if the Congress knew that they would "only" earn $160,000 each year while hedge fund guys make a few bucks more?

I would like to see a full list of the Congressional Perks;

Original Rangel Story on his nice 4 apartments at submarket rates

Charlie Rangel Defends His Cheap Rent

Perks and Parking

Some Google Links on Congressional Perks

Now, the New York Times seems to be coming around to the Kennedy and Bloomberg model that we elect very rich people to be our leaders. JFK worked for $1 a year. Was that a good deal for the tax payer? Ted Sorenson would say yes. These "fat cats" won't steal from us and instead will work for the "public good". I will allow Ken Arrow to define what those 2 words mean. He will say that that is "impossible".