Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Academic Achievement

While I won't win a Clark Medal and the monthly IDEAS email tells me that I have barely cracked the top 5% of academic economists, I have now achieved something that I'm proud of. How many Chicago Economists can say that their work is profiled on the front page of the City of Berkeley's Webpage? I'm waiting for Becker, Glaeser, and Heckman to join me there in the rare air.

Is the Berkeley City Hall talking about my AER piece from 2007 or my 2006 Green Cities book or my 2008 Heroes and Cowards book? Or perhaps my Fall 2007 Readers Digest piece?

No, the buzz is about this;

Working Papers
2008-19, Green Market Geography: The Spatial Clustering of Hybrid Vehicle and LEED Registered Buildings, Matthew E. Kahn and Ryan K. Vaughn