Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Will this Blog Become a Civil War Blog?

I don't believe in "lock in" effects. Looking back to August 2005 when this fascinating blog started, I chose the bland titled of "environmental and urban economics" because that was an accurate description of what I was working on. I continue to work on these topics but at the same time I'm also doing other stuff. I'm Chairing a search to find a new Director of the UCLA Institute of the Environment. So, I may rename this blog "Director Search Update" and provide real time details about what really goes on in our committee behind doors. I have also just purchased a house 300 yards from UCLA. Someday, our handsome son will thank us. This house is 200 yards away from the UCLA sororities. So, in a few years this blog could be renamed "Teenagers Gone Wild: The Story of a Middle Aged Man wondering where his hair and son went".

Finally, Professor Costa and I have a new book that Princeton Press will publish in late 2008. Wise bloggers are already talking about it: An Important Blog Entry . When my War book is published, I will have more and more to say about war and courage.

I am now in the planning stages of writing a 3rd book. In this book, I take on my UCLA colleague Jared Diamond's concerns about the limits to growth. He called his last book "Collapse", while mine is tentatively titled "Expand".