Friday, March 21, 2008

Google Searches and Web Page Hits and the Search for "UCLA econ professor grumpy"

Have other bloggers wondered how random websurfers find their webpage? At google, if you type "urban economics" you will pretty quickly get pointed to my webpage. If you type "environmental economics" it takes a little bit more work to find me. Today, somebody searched for "ucla econ professor grumpy" and was directed to my site.

The asymmetry of the web interests me. Our readers know a lot about the bloggers but we know next to nothing about who visits. If you show up from a city or university we know, but I would like to know more about this specific visitor.

Now we all know that UCLA Economics currently has no grumpy professors. The grumpy professors have left the faculty in recent years to move to exotic places where I wouldn't want to live! All of my current colleagues are devoted teachers who seek to share our excitement and interest in economics with all of our students.
Our biorhythms at UCLA are like the local weather ; blue skies and sunny.