Saturday, February 02, 2008

More Celebrity Spotting In West Los Angeles

I spotted Christian Slater at my son's school yesterday. In case you need a quick refresher course on your movie trivia look here --- He gave me a look that seemed to say "leave me alone nerd". So, I left him alone. He is the 3rd celebrity that I've recognized at my son's school but only one has been kind enough to talk to me. I'll give you a clue. She starred in the Godfather and in Annie Hall.

Today at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market, I spotted Lauren Hutten.
( She was talking to the pistachio seller when I barged in to buy some stuff. She looked at me and she didn't seem bugged that I recognized her. I smiled, nodded and walked away. Are these impressive social interactions with the A-List? I doubt it but my son and I like to sing that Randy Newman Song "I Love L.A".

So let's count up who I have spotted in my 12 months here;

1. Rick Foxx
2. Rick Springfield
3. Gena Davis
4. Christian Slater
5. Diane Keaton
6. Lauren Hutten
7. Lamar Odom
8. Mike Dukakis (His office is next to mine at UCLA Public Policy).

At this rate, I'll know all the key people in LA by the time I'm 85.