Friday, February 29, 2008

Harvard's Upcoming Environmental Conference will Praise Center Cities

Who says that Boston is a sleepy, gray town? While my wife and I have voted for sunshine over snow, others have stayed and appear to be wide awake. Permit me to quote a co-author:

"Next week, a conference jointly sponsored by the Harvard Center for the Environment, Rappaport Institute, and Mayor Thomas Menino's office will explore the phenomenon of green cities. As we face the prospect of climate change encouraged by vast quantities of man-made greenhouse gases, we should rethink those decisions that lead to more energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Is it wise for American development to be so concentrated in low-density, car-oriented, energy-intensive suburbs?"

If you demand correct attribution of quotes, then please look here
Glaeser on The Environmental Benefits of Cities

I must admit that this topic interest me. Ed Glaeser and I are working on this topic right now and the paper will be good!