Friday, February 15, 2008

A Blogger Trying To Provide Public Goods

Some bloggers have suggested that one beneficial role that bloggers offer is helping readers to economize on search costs. We (the bloggers) have an edge at finding interesting nuggets that appear on random places on the Internet. We then point you to such good stuff. You reward us by raising our sitecount.

So, on the day before my 42nd birthday, permit me to offer two such pieces of silver.

Have you ever wondered why Exxon rents out that space on the New York Times editorial page? I actually read their AD yesterday on the future of energy and I was intrigued. I would suggest that you read this:

I'm going to use the data graphs in an environmental economics lecture soon.

After reading the Harvard Crimson this morning, I was pointed to this other article:

It appears that Ed Glaeser and I are now writing on similar topics as Popular Science Magazine. Maybe next, I'll take on Mad Magazine's writers in a similar competition.