Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vacation in Berkeley

Even professors need time off. It is true that our job is not as stressful as other jobs such as being a surgeon or a fireman. There is a lot of stuff going on at UCLA (98% of which is good!) and so I'm tired at the end of this quarter. To refresh and get ready for the winter quarter, we are heading to Berkeley, CA. Berkeley has a positive treatment effect on my family. Our son's grandparents live there and we have a whole routine that we return to that involves hanging out outside and going to downtown San Fran. Is Berkeley a better place to live than Los Angeles? I may return to this important topic in a future blog entry.

While on vacation, I will write a book review for the Journal of Economic History. I'm grateful that Bill Collins trusts me to do a good job on such an assignment.
I also have to deal with a tricky revise and resubmit at a journal where the editor has told me that to make his special issue's due date that he must make a decision by April 1st so to give the reviewers another chance to beat up my paper --- they must get the revision back by February 1st 2008. I must admit that I'm not used to such sharp deadlines. I'm used to a more leisurely academic schedule so such discipline is actually good for me. The reviewers made a number of very good points and some not so good points. We will be polite in responding to these.

At my stage of my career, I don't understand why I still send papers to journals. I could just post them here and let the "editor" (i.e you) decide whether the ideas presented here are interesting.

I hope to see you at Chez Panisse (or at least the Starbucks across the street)