Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Do Greens Drive Hummers?

In Los Angeles, one is always looking to make more money so one can afford a nice house. I'm thinking of auctioning my recent JEEM paper titled "Do Greens Drive Hummers or Hybrids?" to Hollywood. Bruce Willis could play an environmentalist cop who is forced by bad guys to drive a Hummer in his green community and this results in his green neighbors mocking and ostracizing him. This is a slight twist on a Die-Hard movie plot's start but I doubt that fans would notice.

If you would like to see some fun discussion and debate about my paper (which I meant to be both fun and serious) take a look here;
Salon's Discussion of my Prius Paper

The letters to the editor are worth reading.
If you'd like to actually read the paper; go to mek1966.googlepages.com and
go to my "research papers" link and click on "hybrids".

I continue to work on this subject. My core question is simply selection versus treatment. Do Greens live a "simpler" smaller ecological footprint life than the average person? If so, is this due to where they live within cities? (near rail transit stops and where they can walk?) or is it treatment --- that in day to day life they economize on actions that damage the environment?

The challenge here is to identify environmentalists, to determine which parts of a city are "green" (i.e near rail transit stops) and to measure environmental choices (i.e buying a Prius or a Hummer).