Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Santa Monica AltCar Expo on friday 10/19/2007

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area and you have a deep urge to hear me speak about hybrid vehicles for ten minutes, then maybe you should attend the AltCar Expo this friday in Santa Monica. I promise to sign any Readers Digest or Green City book copy that I'm handed. The prediction markets put a zero probability on either of these events taking place but I learned in game theory the importance of having a strategy ready for any unlikely state of the world.

AltCar Expo is to promote the development of alternative fuel and vehicle technologies and innovative environmental and transportation policies. The two-day event will feature panels on regional urban planning, climate change initiatives, public health concerns, and renewable energy use in transportation. More than 150 exhibits will offer an extensive presentation of the latest in electric, natural gas, hydrogen, biodiesel, ethanol, and hybrid technologies, with opportunities for guests to test drive and purchase a variety of “green” vehicles.

As a co-sponsor of the event, UCLA is pleased to showcase our expertise across an array of environmental and transportation-related disciplines. On Friday, Professor J.R. DeShazo from the UCLA School of Public Affairs and Prof. Matt Kahn from the Institute of the Environment (IoE) will co-host a panel with RAND expert and former UCLA Urban Planning Chair Martin Wachs on “The Likely Effects of Federal Climate Change Policy on the Development of Alternative Vehicles.”

Among the exhibits, the UCLA Center for Embedded Network Sensing (CENS) will present its “Personal Environmental Impact Report” to educate individuals about our daily effect on the environment around us. Other UCLA exhibitors include the Hydrogen Engineering Research Consortium (HERC) and the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

Details on the AltCar Expo