Friday, September 14, 2007

Extra Reading for those with spare time

How many minutes a day do academic economists read? I posit that we talk more than we read.

Permit me to add to your long list of "unread" materials that you earnestly mean to read at some point.

1. Kahn's Readers Digest Debut


3. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
Volume 54/2, published September, 2007

Cover 2/Editorial Board
p. IFC
Full text via ScienceDirect

Do greens drive Hummers or hybrids? Environmental ideology as a determinant of consumer choice
Kahn M.E., p. 129
Full text via ScienceDirect

Innovation without magic bullets: Stock pollution and R&D sequences
Goeschl T. and Perino G., p. 146
Full text via ScienceDirect

Culture and public goods: The case of religion and the voluntary provision of environmental quality
Owen A.L. and Videras J.R., p. 162
Full text via ScienceDirect

Water demand under alternative price structures
Olmstead S.M., Michael Hanemann W. and Stavins R.N., p. 181
Full text via ScienceDirect

Land use regulation and the provision of open space in suburban residential subdivisions
Lichtenberg E., Tra C. and Hardie I., p. 199
Full text via ScienceDirect

Groundwater use under incomplete information
Saak A.E. and Peterson J.M., p. 214
Full text via ScienceDirect

North-South trade and industry-specific pollutants
Michida E. and Nishikimi K., p. 229
Full text via ScienceDirect

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