Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Day in the Life of a Los Angeles Economist

At 11am Pacific time on thursday 9/13, I'll participate in an hour long discussion on Green Cities on Bloomberg radio. I hope that somebody will listening! If you have a low value of time, you can listen in at this
Radio Station.

I was told that Eddie Lazear and Hal Varian have been two recent guests so I will be dragging down the average quality here as usual. Radio is the right medium for me. People like to hear my speaking voice and listeners can't see my eyebrows and hairless scalp.

On thursday night, I'll be in downtown Los Angeles at the Wired Nextfest sposored by Hitachi. I hope to see some cool futuristic exhibits like a robot economist who always makes sense or a car that runs on salt water and then emits cotton candy.

Perhaps it is time for school to start soon? The quarter does begin in two