Saturday, May 26, 2007

More Celebrities Near UCLA

Today was a typical saturday. We went to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market to buy fruit and veggies. From there, we go to the ocean and let my son dig in the sand for an hour. He made some good castles and we read the newspaper. From there, we walked to a nice restaurant called "The Lobster". It is located a block from Rand. My son managed to bankrupt us by ordering the most expensive thing on the menu (a Lobster) and then he ate 1/2 of it. Besides for this, we had a very nice meal and at the end of the meal --- I spotted a genuine celebrity.

Rick Springfield, the actor and musician, walked in with a posse. I wanted to go up and sing "Jesse's Girl" to him but I figured that wouldn't be too cool to have a fat, bald middle aged guy come up and sign to a thin, long haired fellow middle aged guy. So, I bottled up the urge and left him alone. He was there with a large crew of young people and fellow older guys who had suspiciously full heads of hair and looked like they thought they were also celebrities.

I thought it might not be him but when I got home I typed his name into Google and the computer says that he does live in LA so that's that.

As I have noted before, Boston just didn't offer the same set of celebrities as L.A.
These days my utility is gained from publishing papers and spotting celebrities.