Sunday, November 26, 2006

70,080 Hours of Marriage

Time is our scarce commodity. Have you wondered where the time goes? This e-mail below offers an answer. Would you fill out their survey? I think I will.

On an unrelated note, my wife and I are getting ready to move from Boston to Los Angeles but last wednesday we had a nice experience that one can't have in the sunshine out west. We were eating lunch at the Legal Seafoods near MIT and we spotted Paul Samuelson eating lunch with his wife. We took our five year old son over to chat with Paul and Paul had some charming things to say to my spaced out five year old. Last night, I took my wife, my son and my parents to dinner at the Legal Seafood in Harvard Square. As we walked to our table, I spotted Paul Samuelson again but this time we let him eat in peace. I pointed him out to my parents and my kind mother suggested that Dr. Samuelson needs some hair gel (VO5?) to keep his curls in place. The Cambridge area does have some gravitational pull for academic economists.

Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2006 18:15:27 -0800 (PST) [09:15:27 PM EST]
To: Matthew E Kahn
Subject: New York Times 8-year Anniversary Marriage Study
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Dear Mr. Kahn,

It has been over 70,080 hours since your wedding on May 29th, 1998. Here,
at the University of California at Berkeley, we are investigating the
relationship between marriage announcements and relationship satisfaction
for our Relationships, Emotions, and Life Study ( ). We found your marriage announcement
in the New York Times archive, and we are excited to be able to contact
you to find out more. Therefore, can we ask you for less than half an hour
of your time to learn about the rest of the 70,080 hours?

The study in its entirety consists of you filling out a short survey
online, located here:
Based on your answers to some personality questionnaires, we’ll provide
you with interesting, confidential feedback and later provide you with a
summary of the most important findings from our study. Your email and
questionnaire responses will be kept completely confidential and will not
be distributed to anyone.

Thank you very much for considering participating in this study. Your
participation will advance the science on emotion and relationship
satisfaction, as well as provide you with interesting scientific feedback
on your own personality.

If possible, please forward this email to your spouse. If not, your
individual participation is greatly appreciated. (Even five minutes of
your time, for the first part of the survey would help us greatly.) Thank
you very much!

Laura Saslow [ ]

Dacher Keltner, Ph. D. [ ]

Berkeley Social Interaction Laboratory [ ]

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