Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Serious Dose of Environmental Economics

There are too many economists writing papers about speed dating. I would prefer to read papers about what happens to economists when they participate in speed dating markets! I mention this because later this week I will be attending a conference in Vail where there will be 20 enviro econ presentations over 2 days. I hope that coffee will be provided at a low price! I expect that I will be able to stay awake because both the topics and presenters look quite interesting (see I expect to lower the overall average with my talks on Prius and Hummer demand.

I did manage to read part of the New York Times today. The Week in Review's front page reported about a fun revealed preference study that Harvard always wins in head to head competition (see Poor Duke seems to receive really good press coverage these days. Coach K needs to dominate the action some more.

The Times should have investigated a little bit more. It focused on 18 year old's choices but what about 22 year old graduate students who get into Harvard and yy graduate school where do they go? What about 27 year olds choosing between being assistant professors at Harvard and yy? What about 40 year olds choosing between being full professors at Harvard and ZZ? Harvard would do pretty well on these criteria also!

If you are reading this blog to learn about how my book is doing, there here is an update. I sent my parents 2 copies and they liked it. I've mailed out some copies to some friends and I'm eager to hear back from them. Ed Glaeser liked parts of it. I won't tell you which parts. I'm now waiting for the Brookings Press to send out copies to the print media, and big bloogers. I can't say that that I feel the excitement in the air. But trust me, the book isn't bad.