Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Review Copies of Green Cities: Urban Growth and the Environment

I now own 100 copies of my new puke green colored book; "Green Cities: Urban Growth and the Environment." If you are interested in environmental and urban issues, you might want to read this piece of work! Here are some details. http://www.brook.edu/press/books/greencities.htm

If you are a teacher and are looking for a free copy, here the details for how to get your hands on one: http://www.brook.edu/press/about.htm

I've learned that Hilary Clinton was right. It takes a village to write a decent book. While, I"m the only author listed on the front cover --- many people helped me and I won't forget that. If you are considering writing a policy relevant book, I highly recommend that you consider submitting to the Brookings Press. The review process was fair and the editorial comments and overall editorial team did great work that greatly improved my overall book. If the book still stinks, you should see my first draft!