Monday, August 21, 2006

Green Cities: Urban Growth and the Environment --- Chapter One as a .pdf file

Intellectual property usually is sold at a positive price. My new book seems to offer a counter-example. Posted to the Brookings Institution Press is Chapter One of my new book . For those of you who are interested in environmental issues and city quality of life, this book may be for you!

The book has 7 other chapters. The paperback version of this 160 page book is priced at $18. I should ask the prediction market guys like Justin Wolfers to create a market on betting on my total sales as of August 2007. Somehow, I believe that Freakonomics' sales represent an upper bound!

I must admit that writing an original book is hard work. Some economists simply staple together their past papers and write a preface to umbrella their work. I did not pursue this strategy. Instead, I tried to write a general interest book that surveys much of my own research and discusses some of the leading empirical work conducted by environmental and urban economists over the last 20 years.

I would hope that professors that teach classes on environmental policy , cities, urban economics, environmental economics and regulation could use parts of this book in their courses. I'll return to this point in future blog entries once the book is actually published later this month.