Thursday, July 20, 2006

Is Boston the Epi-Center of Academic Economics?

All University of Chicago graduates know the answer to that question! With the NBER summer institute in high gear, plenty of important economists are dragging themselves to humid Boston this month. Tomorrow, I will go attend the NBER industrial organization meetings in an attempt to sit still and learn something.

Boston certainly has a great set of economists when you add up all of gang at Harvard, MIT, BU, BC, Tufts and Brandeis, Clark and some other joints in town. Perhaps St. Louis is the new epi-center? Or will you argue that the buildup at Columbia and NYU puts New York City back on top?

My wife and I are about to run a small field experiment. We will move to Berkeley for a few weeks pretty soon and then we are planning to be in Los Angeles in early 2007. Will our productivity drop? Is sunshine a complement of leisure or research output? I will let you know.